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Whether you are searching for unique gift ideas or for the coolest new products just for yourself, you've come to the right place. From our innovative BagSavr+ to the hottest new surfing accessory, Llama Lips, PTW selects only the coolest new products to present to you!



We're here to make it easy for distributors, brokers and resellers to learn about, try out, and order the latest innovative products! Sign up online and we'll give you easy access to purchase-ordering, plus product spec sheets and downloadable sell sheets.

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Do you have a Product That Works? We can assist with every aspect of the product development process. If your product is chosen, we have the resources and connections to help take an idea from initial conception to retail-ready.

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Products That Work first began with the serendipitous meeting of three friends who worked in product design, packaging and manufacturing respectively. The founders unified around the goal of bringing BagSavr+ to life. In the course of changing the face of trash receptacles to an American-made, environmentally astute enterprise, they realized their perfect combination of expertise gave them the capability to apply the same expertise, product development and production savvy to many innovative new products. The defining feature of Products That Work’s burgeoning line of products is, of course, that they work! Whether clever in design or an innovative solution to a common problem, Products That Work actively seeks to represent new products that highlight human ingenuity.


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