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BagSavr+ inventor interviewed by Innovation Talk Radio

July 14th, 2013 by Gabriel

 BagSavr+ launches it’s Re-Use Revolution to make it easy for everyone to reuse their free plastic grocery bags.

With billions of plastic grocery bags given out every year in the United States, Gabriel saw a great opportunity to help people save money and clean up the environment by reusing free plastic grocery bags. Recognizing that this one design could help address numerous problems spurred him on to get BagSavr+ into production.

Click this link to hear the Innovation Talk radio show interview with Gabriel Beversluis about his new plastic bag re-use product, BagSavr+.

So many of us keep a cupboard full of these bags in our homes because we know how useful these bags are  and we hate to just see them go to waste. The problem is that while most americans currently reuse their bags for many purposes, there are no good options available for people to be able to easily reuse their bags in every room of the house.

We are hoping to start a ‘Re-Use Revolution’ and get people everywhere to start making wise use of their resources by reusing and repurposing the items they already have in their homes.  Simple recycling is certainly a good second-best option and all plastic bags that are not reused should be recycled.

Now BagSavr+ patent-pending design makes it easy for every one to save and reuse them everywhere from the camper or boat to the kitchen and bathroom,” says Beversluis.  “Having our BagSavr+ made here in the USA and with recycled plastic really makes it a win-win-win for everyone.”

Creates a perfect Recyle Closet

We have found that recycling and re-use is a habit. Many people are using their BagSavr+ in their homes to make sorting their recycling and trash easier.  It’s great because we are creating awareness and making it easier for people, all at the same time.  BagSavr+ is easy to mount on a kitchen cabinet or pantry door. It also works great freestanding in any room.

BagSavr+ is being manufactured by Products That Work, LLC, of Muskegon Michigan and is now for sale on

Products That Work  is a company dedicated to helping develop and bring to market unique and innovative products. They have new products in development currently and are also representing numerous products across many retail sectors.


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