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The Year Of The Llama gift pack now available for order

December 8th, 2013 by Gabriel

‘The Year of the Llama’ lip balm gift pack combines natural, petroleum free lip balm with a stylish and clever carabiner clip.

With Llama Lips, people can clip their lip balm anywhere. It is perfect for backpacks, key chains, purses, belt loops, drawstrings and sports bags.

Llama lips natural lip balm is completely petroleum-free and made with natural and organic ingredients. Our recipe is perfect for maintaing healthy, protected lips. With the SPF 15, your lips are also protected from the sun in all types of outdoor sports ranging from surfing to skiing and everything in between.

We all know people who need their lip balm to make it through the day.  Most of us have had the unfortunate experience of losing our lip balm an just the wrong time.  Whether you are stuck at work or out for a day of hiking, lost lip balm can really make it hard to function normally.  With Llama Lips, the dreaded lost lip balm incidents can be avoided and you can keep on smiling all day long. The New ‘Year of the Llama’Gift pack comes with several flavor options and will give you a full year of smiles.

Don’t lose your Lips with Llama Lips

Ordering information can be found on the company’s website :at


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