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June 2014, BagSavr+ for Grocery Bags awarded patent by USPTO

July 3rd, 2014 by Gabriel

BagSavr+  Granted it’s First Patent on June 3, 2014

Patent # D.706,511 is titled “Combined Bag Recycler And Holder” and covers the design aspects of Products That Work llc’s new re-use system for plastic grocery bags .


“We worked very hard to think of everything while designing the BagSavr+.” Says Gabriel Beversluis of Products That Work, LLC., “We looked at every product on the market for storing and reusing plastic grocery bags and came up with ways to make them work better, look better and be more versatile. We were not just making a trash can, we designed a system that people can use in every room of the house, in their cars, dorm rooms, RV’s and even retirement homes.”

“My motivation was to find a way to use these bags and get the big ugly trash can out of my kitchen.” Says Beverlsuis,  “As I looked at my own collection of used grocery bags and wanted to find a better way to make good use of these bags in order to save money and help reduce waste through re-use.

“I searched in vain to find an existing product that would work the way I wanted. Since I could not find a good solution I decided to make my own. Initially I made 2 prototypes by forming sheets of plastic into a container that could be mounted on my cabinet doors. It worked so well that about a month later we got rid of our regular garbage can and I realized that I had stumbled upon a design that really needed to be shared with the world. I joined with Products That Work and together we developed the BagSavr+ which is now being sold nationwide.”

Patented BagSavr+ stores and reuses all those plastic bags

Patented BagSavr+ Stores and Reuses all Those Plastic Bags in any Room

Today BagSavr+ is available at several grocery store chains, hardware stores and RV/camper distributors as well as online at and

Products That Work, LLC is a new product development company based in West Michigan that represents unique and innovative products into the marketplace. The company has several other new products in development currently with more to follow.


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