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Fox TV Shows The Solution For Plastic Grocery Bags

September 17th, 2014 by Gabriel

Imagine an invention that millions of people can use everyday that helps them save money while reducing consumption. Michigan inventor Gabriel Beversluis has launched the new Michigan made BagSavr+ for reusing all those plastic grocery bags.

Fox TV in West Michigan Gives a shout out to BagSavr+ and encourages everyone to join in and reuse all those plastic bags.  BagSavr+ is made to fit standard plastic bags and also biodegradable and compostable bags such as BioBags ( Shown in this segment)  which are perfect for added environmental benefit.

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Watch the video on FOX 17 here-

BagSavr+ is available online and in select grocery and hardware stores.  Products That Work, LLC is also talking with college campus stores and pet stores as well.



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