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Reduce Reuse Recycle: New Michigan-Made BagSavr+ offers Unique Solution For Plastic Grocery Bags

January 31st, 2015 by Gabriel

Products That Work LLC along with Camcar Plastics in Michigan are providing a new solution for questions regarding plastic grocery bags.

Their new product, BagSavr+, offers benefits for consumers, retailers and the environment by promoting responsible re-use and supporting manufacturing in the USA.


As pointed out in this article from M-Live here, The company touts 170,000 plastic grocery bags have already been reused with their Michigan-made product. Most people already want to reduce waste and use resources wisely so the design of a versatile and user-friendly bag storage and reuse system was long overdue.  Read the full article here.

BagSavr+ with optional Hanger Bracket to mount anywhere

Hanger Bracket Attaches Anywhere.

The BagSavr+ has  patent pending and patented design features and convenient size which perfectly fits plastic bags and can be used mounted or free-standing.  The company reports online sales as well as numerous grocery, hardware, college and RV/Camping channels so far.

Inquires for wholesale retail sales can be made to Products That Work or by calling  1-800-248-3270



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