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New BagSavr+ Has Redirected 160,000 Plastic Grocery Bags And Counting

January 9th, 2015 by Gabriel

West Michigan manufacturer and a new startup company, Products That Work LLC,  has already made a sizable impact in the re-use of plastic bags.


Ergonomic design perfectly fits and stores plastic grocery bags

Since the initial launch of it’s new BagSavr+ container in the summer of 2013, already over 160,000 plastic grocery bags have been saved and reused. See the patented design and get yours HERE.  Also on Amazon PRIME HERE.

Products That Work LLC and Camcar Plastics Inc,  have been making steady progress marketing their new BagSavr+ patented container for reusing plastic grocery bags with sales online, in grocery, college, hardware and RV markets.

“We are really just getting started and ramping up distribution into retail outlets, but even with the small exposure already achieved, our customers have already reused 160,000 bags, and saved approximately $20,000 with the reduced need for garbage bags!” Says Courtney Gust, partner in Products That Work, LLC. “While these numbers are still small compared to the quantity of bags being produced and used each month in the USA, It is still makes a significant impact and it shows the potential that widespread distribution will make.   Most people are working to develop habits of saving and reusing already and stats show that 90% of people already reuse these bags whenever possible. We’re just giving them a product that makes it easy.” The company’s manufacturing capacity will allow for millions of bags to be saved and reused across the USA and around the world as distribution builds and people become aware of this new design.

BagSavr+ is made in West Michigan at family-owned Camcar Plastics, Inc.

Owners of Camcar Plastics Inc, of Muskegon Michigan, Courtney and Teri Gust along with their son Carter, pose for a photo in front of one of the machines producing BagSavr+

The company’s estimates of approximately 6,000 bags being saved each week (totaling 160,000* and counting) are conservative. Those estimates are based on an average of only 2 bags per week being used, per BagSavr.  Some studies have found that most households use an average 2 to 3 kitchen trash bags each week so it’s likely that plastic grocery bags would be reused even more because they are a smaller size. Those re-use numbers continue to rise as more and more people purchase BagSavr’s and begin using them.

BagSavr+ patented design is made specifically for reusing plastic grocery bags and locks them into place so they won’t fall down in. The solid base contains spills while the Hanger Bracket Kit and handle make it easy to attach, remove and clean.

Easy to take with you and easy to clean. Storage pocket stores 10 extra bags

Easy to Take With You and Easy to Clean
Storage Pocket holds 10 Extra Bags Right Where You Need Them!spills while the handle and Hanger Bracket Kit allow consumers to attach, remove and clean the it easily.

The company focuses a lot on the green aspects of bag reuse, but at the same time wants to recognize the cost savings customers enjoy.  By reusing the grocery bags people already have in their homes and not buying kitchen trash bags,  people are saving $50 per year** or more.  It’s not a life-changing amount but pretty still great that a  simple USA-made product that sells for $14.99 can help everyday people save $50 each year while also reducing waste.

Retailers interested in BagSavr+ may contact Products That Work HERE for information on wholesale pricing, store displays and more.

Products That Work, LLC

*Number of bags reused is  based on average BagSavr+ using just 2 plastic grocery bags per week

** Based on average cost of a kitchen garbage bag at $.40 ea, with an average of 2.5 trash bags being used each week.


Hot New Pet Gift Ideas From PTW Have Gone To The Animals!

December 17th, 2014 by Gabriel

Products That Work, expands it’s product offerings this winter with new Michigan made gift ideas for the animal lover in us all!

For those of us with adventurous hearts and chapped lips, the new patented Llama Lips ‘Year of the Llama’ lip balm gift pack!

LLslider-PageHeadBanner Llama Lips lip balm in 4 great flavors with the exclusive patented lip balm clip. Made with natural and organic ingredients, PTW set out to make sure you ‘Don’t Lose Your Lips’ by keeping your lip balm safely clipped on your key chain, purse, back pack or belt loop. With 4 awesome flavors and style to match, Llama Lips is quickly becoming the must-have lip balm for athletes, students and everyone else who has ever lost their lip balm.  Now available on Amazon HERE !

And now for your actual pets, the Felines Only Puuuuurrrrfect Cat Dish!

Next, for your actual pets, Felines Only, Puuurfect Cat Dish eliminates messes and keeps Fido out of the cat’s food!  The Felines Only covered cat dish allows you to keep your cat food and water safely away from your dogs with the patented hood and cat-only design deters dogs from getting into the cat food… Saving money, messes and your dog’s health. unnamed-2This new Michigan made dish is designed by a Veterinarian just for felines to keep spills and smells to a minimum, is dishwasher safe Cat Food Odors In And Spills To A Minimum. The unique, patented designed hood that keeps dogs out of the cat food. This dish works for both cat food and water.  It also comes with rubber pads and double stick tape to help make sure it won’t tip over.

We’ve tested it in our own PTW animal house and it works awesome!

Check it out on Amazon Here!

BagSavr+ for reusing plastic grocery bags makes yard and litter box clean up EASY!

clean up BagSavr+ for pet waste takes care of cleaning up after Whiskers and Roofus by making it easy to reuse your plastic grocery bags with the patented design you can take with you to the yard, litter box and everywhere in between.  This pet-poop-pail has a built in handle and locks in the grocery bags so they wont slip out of place.  Feel free to ‘double bag’ if needed…They’re free!!

Bagsavr+ has a built-in handle and locks bags into place for easy doggie yard clean up

BagSavr+ in the yard for doggie clean up

Save money and reduce waste by reusing all your plastic grocery bags.  Check out BagSavr+ patented design features here and see how easy it is to manage all your pet waste with BagSavr+.  This Michigan made product helps promote responsible bag reuse while saving your money!  It also works great with biodegradable and compostable bags. You can also order BagSavr+ on HERE!

Easy to take with you and easy to clean!  Storage pocket also stores 10 extra bags!

Easy to Take With You and Easy to Clean
Storage Pocket holds 10 Extra Bags Right Where You Need Them!

Fox TV Shows The Solution For Plastic Grocery Bags

September 17th, 2014 by Gabriel

Imagine an invention that millions of people can use everyday that helps them save money while reducing consumption. Michigan inventor Gabriel Beversluis has launched the new Michigan made BagSavr+ for reusing all those plastic grocery bags.

Fox TV in West Michigan Gives a shout out to BagSavr+ and encourages everyone to join in and reuse all those plastic bags.  BagSavr+ is made to fit standard plastic bags and also biodegradable and compostable bags such as BioBags ( Shown in this segment)  which are perfect for added environmental benefit.

photo (4)

Watch the video on FOX 17 here-

BagSavr+ is available online and in select grocery and hardware stores.  Products That Work, LLC is also talking with college campus stores and pet stores as well.


June 2014, BagSavr+ for Grocery Bags awarded patent by USPTO

July 3rd, 2014 by Gabriel

BagSavr+  Granted it’s First Patent on June 3, 2014

Patent # D.706,511 is titled “Combined Bag Recycler And Holder” and covers the design aspects of Products That Work llc’s new re-use system for plastic grocery bags .


“We worked very hard to think of everything while designing the BagSavr+.” Says Gabriel Beversluis of Products That Work, LLC., “We looked at every product on the market for storing and reusing plastic grocery bags and came up with ways to make them work better, look better and be more versatile. We were not just making a trash can, we designed a system that people can use in every room of the house, in their cars, dorm rooms, RV’s and even retirement homes.”

“My motivation was to find a way to use these bags and get the big ugly trash can out of my kitchen.” Says Beverlsuis,  “As I looked at my own collection of used grocery bags and wanted to find a better way to make good use of these bags in order to save money and help reduce waste through re-use.

“I searched in vain to find an existing product that would work the way I wanted. Since I could not find a good solution I decided to make my own. Initially I made 2 prototypes by forming sheets of plastic into a container that could be mounted on my cabinet doors. It worked so well that about a month later we got rid of our regular garbage can and I realized that I had stumbled upon a design that really needed to be shared with the world. I joined with Products That Work and together we developed the BagSavr+ which is now being sold nationwide.”

Patented BagSavr+ stores and reuses all those plastic bags

Patented BagSavr+ Stores and Reuses all Those Plastic Bags in any Room

Today BagSavr+ is available at several grocery store chains, hardware stores and RV/camper distributors as well as online at and

Products That Work, LLC is a new product development company based in West Michigan that represents unique and innovative products into the marketplace. The company has several other new products in development currently with more to follow.

Innovation Divas’ Podcast Takes on Problem-Solving BagSavr+ for Plastic Bags

May 21st, 2014 by Gabriel

The Invention Divas, Dhana Cohen and Melinda Knight, invited inventor Gabriel Beversluis to appear on their weekly podcast which showcases the stories behind the hottest new products.

Gabriel discusses his vision for creating problem-solving products needed to make this world a nicer place to be.


Save your Plastic bags in any room with 8 colors and the sleek, eco-modern style!Melinda and Dhana know their innovative products and both of them love the  money savings and environmental benefits that BagSavr+ offers to consumers. This innovative design make it easy for everyone  to reuse the  billions of plastic grocery bags given out each year.

Watch the product video: here.

With it’s sleek, modern style and 8 designer colors, the Divas love both the eco-friendly aspects as well as the beauty and versatility of BagSavr+’s patented design.

“The best solutions offer benefits to everyone involved. With BagSavr+ we tried to make a product that truly is a benefit for the environment, consumers and for manufacturing her in the USA.”, Says Gabriel Beversluis.

Reduce waste, reuse your bags, Made with recycled plastic in the USA





Listen to the podcast and read the article here:

Check Out a Documentary About The Inception & Production of BagSaver+

April 29th, 2013 by ifi-admin

The team at Products That Work would like to give a big thank you to the Ferris State video class who produced this video about our American Made BagSaver+ that will help the re-use revolution. The BagSaver+ is designed to fit perfectly grocery bags left over from shopping, saving time, money and mess.

Check it out:


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