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Innovation Divas’ Podcast Takes on Problem-Solving BagSavr+ for Plastic Bags

May 21st, 2014 by Gabriel

The Invention Divas, Dhana Cohen and Melinda Knight, invited inventor Gabriel Beversluis to appear on their weekly podcast which showcases the stories behind the hottest new products.

Gabriel discusses his vision for creating problem-solving products needed to make this world a nicer place to be.


Save your Plastic bags in any room with 8 colors and the sleek, eco-modern style!Melinda and Dhana know their innovative products and both of them love the  money savings and environmental benefits that BagSavr+ offers to consumers. This innovative design make it easy for everyone  to reuse the  billions of plastic grocery bags given out each year.

Watch the product video: here.

With it’s sleek, modern style and 8 designer colors, the Divas love both the eco-friendly aspects as well as the beauty and versatility of BagSavr+’s patented design.

“The best solutions offer benefits to everyone involved. With BagSavr+ we tried to make a product that truly is a benefit for the environment, consumers and for manufacturing her in the USA.”, Says Gabriel Beversluis.

Reduce waste, reuse your bags, Made with recycled plastic in the USA





Listen to the podcast and read the article here:


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