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Our Story

Products That Work is your online source for products that really do work. Whether you are looking to shop online, order wholesale, or develop and market your new product, we are here to help. PTW began with the serendipitous meeting of three friends who worked in product design, packaging and manufacturing respectively. The founders began by developing only a few selected products and have grown to represent many more.

With our first successful product, BagSavr+, PTW brought a fresh, modern solution for household trash receptacles to an American-made, environmentally astute enterprise. The group realized that PTW’s perfect combination of expertise gave them the capability to apply the same expertise, product development and production savvy to many innovative new products.

The defining feature of Products That Work’s burgeoning line of products is, of course, that they work! Whether clever in design or an innovative solution to a common problem, Products That Work actively seeks to represent new products that highlight human ingenuity.

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