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Hanger hook or screw holes for attachment....BagSavr+ with optional Hanger Bracket to mount anywhereFor convenient placement and removal.countershotGarage1Great for the laundry room...

BagSavr+ Hanger Bracket (Taupe 00414_1)


Hang your BagSavr+ wherever it’s handy with our Hanger Bracket and two-sided tape! Get the most from the innovative, smart design of BagSavr+ by optimizing its use throughout your home – with extra locations inside of closet areas, the garage, the laundry, the side of appliances, or anywhere else suited to part-time installation.

Our handy Hanger Brackets are available in 8 designer colors and can be attached with the included 2-sided tape, or with screws if desired.

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Product Description

Instructions for Installation of Hanger Bracket with 2-Sided Tape 

1.  Area must be clean and free from dust and dirt.
2.  Remove tape backing and apply to plastic hanger.
3.  Remove tape backing and apply hanger bracket to clean
mounting surface (plastic, metal or fiberglass).
4.  Press and hold 30 seconds to bond adhesive to surface.
5.  Let sit 24 hours before applying any weight to hanger bracket.


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