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If you’re looking to save bags, save money and save the planet, you’re at the right place!

BagSavr+™ is an innovative trash container/recycling bin that has been designed to perfectly fit plastic grocery store bags. Grand Rapids, Michigan Inventor, Gabe Beversluis, developed the unique design – which can hang from a handy hanger bracket or be free-standing and portable – when he couldn’t find a good option in the marketplace. Gabe worked with his prototypes for several months before presenting them to Products That Work. Together they improved the design concept to make it even better and brought it to market.

Design Features

The resulting  light-weight garbage receptacle lets homeowners re-use the billions of grocery bags produced each year in the USA. The patent-pending design includes many features which make BagSavr+ the most versatile, user-friendly container ever made. Key design features include  locks for the “handles” of the bag and tuck groves to prevent garbage from sliding behind the bag. The bag storage pocket is formed right into the container, allowing for the storage of 10 extra bags. The flat formed back and hanger bracket make for easy mounting and removal, while the base is solid for use as a free-standing garbage container. The BagSavr+™ comes with a convenient “Take Anywhere Handle” so you can simply remove from its mount and take with you to different locations for any project, or use it on trips to the cottage or out on the boat.


It’s Not Just Smart, It’s Beautiful

Made from recycled plastic products and currently available in 8 designer colors with an “easy clean” texture coat finish, BagSavr+ is a great addition to every room in the house, and beyond. The uses are endless!

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