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BagSavr+ Instructions

Hanger Bracket+ Installation Instructions:

Hanger bar attaches anywhere...

Hanger bar attaches anywhere…

The BagSavr+™ system is designed for convenient, multi-location use. Just purchase extra hanger brackets to install around the house!

The adhesive is made to stick permanently the first time you apply it. Make sure you have thouroughty cleaned and measured the area before you try attaching the hanger bracket.

1. Measure the area to ensure that BagSavr+™ will fit properly.

2.  Area must be clean and free from dust and dirt.

3.  Remove tape backing and apply to plastic hanger.

4.  Remove tape backing and apply hanger bracket to clean mounting surface (plastic, metal, fiberglass or wood*). *Note: Screws are recommended for all wood, outdoor and heavy duty applications.

5.  Press and hold 30 seconds to bond adhesive to surface.

6.  Let sit 24 hours before applying any weight to hanger bracket.


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